Tuesday, June 2, 2009

True Blood - Truly Tantalizing

While I have many non-chemical related addictions I have to say that this is my newest. HBO has finally hit a home run (in my opinion anyway) with the new series, True Blood, based on the Southern Vampire novels by Charlaine Harris. Which, by the way, are an extremely excellent set of novels but that deserves it's own posting at a later time.

My husband and I just purchased season one a couple weekends ago and managed to blow through all 12 episodes in about three evenings worth of mindless indulgence. At first we were a little taken aback by the "porno-like" quality of the first few scenes. Though I'm not a personal fan of porn I do have to admit that the opening scene with Jason's head between Maudette's legs was quite an attention grabber. Needless to say the hubby and I were hooked after that. Yes, some of the acting can be a little campy at times but if you are at all familiar with Charlaine Harris' work you will understand that it is almost necessary.

The casting is absolutely brilliant with Anna Paquin playing the lead of Sookie Stackhouse. Her bubbly quirkiness is just the right contrast to Bill Compton's (played by the yummy Stephen Moyer) dark, vampish brooding. They make the perfect TV couple. Added to the cast are some equally colorful characters including Tara, Sookie's best friend and Lafayette, the very gay and very vivacious cook at Merlotte's. So many other great people are included in Sookie's adventures but I won't list them here. You'll just need to rush out to your local Best Buy and grab up season 1 for yourself.

Welcome to Just Duckie!

Welcome to Just Duckie, a blog about everything and nothing. I am your humble correspondent...Duckie. Several of my friends, mostly from World of Warcraft have decided to start their own blogs (which you will find listed at right) and are doing very well. Unfortunately, though I AM a major WoW geek I don't feel that I could contribute enough content to justify creating a blog all about WoW. So after five minutes of soul searching I decided it might be kinda fun to start a "Seinfeld" blog, if you will. I have so many interests, hobbies and opinions on every day things that I figured, "what the heck?", I'll join the blogging community. After all, ducks are followers too just like lemmings. Though you will find that this duck is a bit of a rebel. So while I've created a blog like every other human on the planet, this one won't be quite like any other. With that having been laid out at your feet I hope you enjoy the attitude, the quirky personality and the bi-polar Donald Duck-like zaniness that is Just Duckie.